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Eastern Aromatic Cedar
Tongue & V-Groove Knotty Closet Lining

Western Red Cedar
Tongue & V-Groove Clear or Knotty 
Center Match – Clear or Knotty

Tongue & V-Groove – Knotty 

Northern White Cedar
Tongue & V-Groove – Knotty 
Center Match, Shiplap – Knotty

Incense Cedar
Tongue & Groove Select Knotty 

Douglas Fir
Tongue & Groove Select Knotty 
Edge & Center Bead Wainscoting

Center Match – Clear
Tongue & V-Groove Clear

Keep your garments and linens naturally fresh with an Aromatic Cedar Closet! We manufacture our own paneling for the finest available. Come in and smellfor yourself and you’ll agree; Koenig Cedar has the most Aromatic Cedar available 

Hardwood  Flooring!

Oak,  Maple,  Birch,  Ash, Cherry, Aromatic Red Cedar & Tropical Hardwoods
Prefinished & Unfinished

2 1/2″, 3 1/4″ and wider 
Tongue & Groove – All Grades