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We carry 10 Types of Cedar and Specialty Woods.

Whether you are looking for naturally weather resistant exterior wood or interior wood; we can find the right product for you and at the right price.
We can supply you with custom cut beams up to 40 feet long in sizes from 4 x 4 to 24 x 24.

 We stock 2 types of Ironwood for that outdoor deck   Better yet let us mill it up into corner boards, wainscoting or tongue and groove for a really custom look for your porch.

How about  a Sauna? Make your own with freshly milled Western Red Cedar A Grade tongue and groove paneling.

How about a birdfeeder for our fine feathered friends? We have plenty of local northern white cedar for any of your craft projects.

Maybe it is time for a nice aromatic red cedar closet; either fully lined with paneling; or if the budget is less ,start with some new shelves with the most aromatic cedar, freshly cut and newly milled!

Come on in to Koenig Cedar and Smell the difference!